Bowie Lyrics Generator - General (Vienna, January 2016)

And if you ever have to go to school
To the porcelain bowl
I'm feeling very still

'Cause I'd rather stay here
We burnt one hundred days

Look out, I'm raving mad and Somewhat Slightly Dazed
Those whose claims were steeped in peace, tranquility
You cry a little in the dark
at times, I guess
As a love machine lumbers through desolation rows

We burnt one hundred days
Although I wasn't there, he said I was his friend
Ploughing down man, woman, listening to its command
Soon you'll grow so take a chance
Free-yea'. And you can know it all
that sets the test

Rule Britannia is out of bounds
But they think that we're holding a secretive ball.
Like the crust of the sun
As she comes on like a friend
The mobile spins to its collision
It didn't, but it seemed that way
Its logic stopped war, gave them food

Flickers on me,
We must have died alone, a long long time ago
Will you stay in our Lovers' Story
And she's hooked to the silver screen
I keep having this brainstorm
Kings of Oblivion
As they try to change their worlds
sadly as I tie my shoes
Who praised Their efforts
through her sunken dream

And the patience in his sigh
I braved Their cause to guide,
They take some brain away
Here she comes again
As he breaks the night to cry:

And We Want to Live
Those who said a new world, new ways ever free
God knows I'm good
The writing's on the wall

// - //