CONSIDER (Iceland, 2012)

Eigenton-Projections ( ZE#89)
Text on Wall
(black on white emulsion paint)

"Imagine an endless loop of fails due to the use of wrong
protocols, causing communication errors, leading to total
stagnation and an unbearable static hum". cs-s

The original text by Christian Stefaner-Schmid is placed on
the left-hand side of the wall. Next to that we find the edited
version by Paul Schweinzer, a friend and professor for game-theory.

On top of the original text + leftovers of the originally
intendet work, a massive gun shooting the text
(a sudden realization) at the visitor.
The original concept had to be cancelled due to
objections by some of the participating artists.

Thanks to: Onome Ekeh and Paul Schweinzer
Christian Stefaner-Schmid, seydisfoerduer, Iceland, Oktober 2012

original text on the left. edited text by paul schweinzer including suggestions on the right.

exhibition view, cheesy ipod photo

originally intended work

originally intended work, affixed using black duct tape, ipod photo