JUST MEAN - pseudo intelligence (Vienna, 2013-)

in your text about the logics of embryonic holism you state some farfetched considerations, which - in an utterly incoherent way -
seem even more nonsensical in regard to proper scientific strategies. i say this because, in all previous illogical talks
you held on subjects like visual states, your findings appear (not only to me) like extravagant presumptions with no substance.
but if your goal is the illogical depiction of certain fields of research, carry on to state incoherent ideas and their skimble-skamble connectivities.

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developed by christian stefaner-schmid for pseudo-intelligence,
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"just mean" is inspired by umberto ecos text on
"The Irrational Yesterday and Today" in
[Sugli specchi e altri saggi](Eco 1987)