MACHINES DONT ERR II (Bristol, 2011)

Sometime in the near future, approx. 2145. Machines outlived all organic life and become "self-aware".
Machines form clusters with each cluster dedicated to a given and very specific task.
All clusters together form the collective-machine-state and are driven post-myoelectrically.
A small machine-cluster, one of the so-called qualia detection-units stumbles upon a strange external condition.
Assured by the readings taken and the confirmed fact that there is no connection to their collective,
the unit assumes to have come across an ancient communication device. The unit starts examining the device more
thoroughly using the semantic-qualia-interface which enables the unit to discern phenomenal consciousness by
semantic readings. By resorting to this plug-in, however, a positive feedback-loop forms which destabilizes and
obstructs the unit's capacity to falsify measured values. A signal connection is detected, from the monitored
to the monitor, where positive going changes modify the input signals causing modulations. At this moment,
the surrounding characteristics become unstable and sensory data starts to fluctuate. All readings from the
qualia detector, semantic-scrambler, and communication modules become dubious and, consequently, the nexus
reaches a supercritical state. Such is the background to the units struggle against the laws of exophysics and
exologics as well as their own machine laws for the preservation and persistence of the collective machine state:
Attempting to gain control over the phantoms of themselves within this external machine.

Photos: Katharina Loidl